Eco-friendly web design

We are environment conscious and committed to environmentalism; in fact we make it as a part of our business. We understand, the computer, electronic devices and Internet are not only a source of news and information about the effects of global warming but it can also be used as a tool to prevent such environmental catastrophe.

Following are some of the ways that we extend environmentalism into our web studio:


  • We are conscious of the use of physical materials. Files exchanged with clients are sent electronically rather than on CDs, information is printed only when necessary, we use recycled/recyclable paper as such as possible and our printer cartridges are refilled.
  • We encourage virtual meetings, whenever possible; meetings with clients and team members are conducted via instant messaging, telephone or web conferencing to avoid unnecessary fuel burning for driving or flying.
  • We work in natural light. Whenever possible we open our windows to let the sun illuminate our design studio and when sunlight is unavailable we use low-watt, compact fluorescent light bulbs as an alternative.
  • We make environmentally conscious design and we believe that creating and maintaining an eco conscious design will have a positive influence on the world.
  • We avoid plastic use as much as possible in our office and we want to create our studio and periphery a plastic free zone.


We love to see green world.